Fans set to buy Wrexham FC

Wrexham FC fansPA

Wrexham FC is to become the latest club to be taken over and run by its supporters. The Wrexham Supporters Trust (WST) is to take over the running of the Blue Square Premier side today. WST director Spencer Harris said the news was "fantastic".
Agreement was reached between the Trust and the club's owners Geoff Moss and Ian Roberts later yesterday. There had been doubts it would go through at one stage after the owners gave the Trust an ultimatum to table a non-refundable deposit or they would start talking to other parties.

A statement on the club's official website said the Trust would now "run the football club under a licence agreement pending approval by the football authorities". The statement ends what has been dubbed by fansite Twohundredpercent "one of British football's hardest soap operas".

Profligate past

There have certainly been plenty of twists and turns in a tale that's unfolded over the past year. What supporters are hoping is that the club can now put a business plan in place that avoids the profligacy of the past and brought the club to the brink.

It's fair to say there has been some scepticism at times about the ability of the WST to run the club, but Supporters Direct has been working closely with the Trust and the call has now gone out for all the club's fans to work together to ensure its future.

It's been hard work by fans which exposed the fact that one previous bidder for the club failed to mention the small matter of a disqualification from holding directorships, and fans also discovered links between another consortium and disgraced former Chester City owner Stephen Vaughan.

Surveying the recent history of the club, Twohundredpercent said: "The 'saviours', with their promises of future riches through models of benign dictatorship, have failed. Democracy, with the benefits and risks of that are entailed, is the future of this club."
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