BlackBerry cuts Playbook price ahead of Amazon launch

Picture of a PlaybookAFP/Getty

BlackBerry maker RIM has cut the price of its Playbook tablet computers, at least in the US. It's not clear whether this is in anticipation of tomorrow's expected Amazon tablet launch or whether it's due to generally poor sales, but neither would be good news for the handset giant.
Whether by cash or by cashback schemes, dealers in the US have been reducing the cost of the Playbooks by a swingeing $100. Whether these cuts will make it into the UK is as yet unclear.

The Playbook has so far not made much of an impact against the iPad and the Android powered devices.

Increased competition

The cuts therefore may have happened regardless. Nonetheless with the Amazon device expected tomorrow for shipment in November, there's every possibility of the market shifting again. What's highly unlikely is that it will shift in favour of BlackBerry - which currently doesn't figure in the market leaders.

Amazon has a similar advantage to the one Apple enjoyed for so long, in fact. It already has the ecosystem in place, in the form of its store, that Apple had when it launched the iPad. There are a lot of Amazon fans out there and the company can expect - I'd reckon - to be in a position to encourage a lot of them to buy its new box.
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