An end to dents and dinks with innovative Ford design

Ford Focus Door Protector System
We've all experienced it at some point; selfish drivers who skillfully park within a millimetre of your door so you have to slink out through the boot to avoid damaging your paint. Or others who are in such a rush that they fling their own door open only to watch it thud into yours leaving an annoying and obvious pin dent.

Some dent repairs can cost up to £250 and in an effort to minimise this type of damage, Ford have created an ingenious way of protecting cars from the expense of dents scrapes and scratches.
The aptly named Door Protector System acts like a hinge and pings out when the door is opened to provide a buffer against paintwork contact. Ford claim that the system defends against 90 percent of variously positioned obstructions to the front doors and 85 percent at the rear doors.

The system is easily replaceable and retracts in just 60 milliseconds, so slamming a door is also not a problem.

A rubber compound is used, aimed at prolonging the life of the mechanism and keeping it quiet.

The feature will break cover in early 2012 and will be standard on the Focus variants. Ford have not yet confirmed that the Door Protector System will appear across the range, but this will simple and effective design will more than likely be a popular feature for Blue Oval cars in the near future.
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