Exclusive interview with Sebastian Vettel: Go hard or go home!

How does Sebastian Vettel succeed in Singapore? By keeping his foot down, as he tells Autoblog UK. Plus, he elaborates on why he's particularly pleased with this victory.
Sebastian, a win in Singapore was missing from your collection.
Sebastian Vettel: Yes, absolutely. This track is a lot of fun and victory here means a lot to me. I'm obviously very happy with the result.

Will each subsequent race be now even more enjoyable, since you feel more secure?
Sebastian Vettel: I don't think about that at all, nor do I worry about the championship. What's important is that we as a team give our best every Sunday. Then the rest can take care of itself.

Did you feel that this was another very special victory?
Sebastian Vettel: Yes, it's always very special – simply because the track means so much to me. This is one of the year's toughest races. It's very long and not easy for us drivers to stay permanently focused. On the one hand, you're trying your best each lap, and yet on the other hand, you also have to pace yourself. You are of course very happy to finally cross the finish line in first place.

You had a lead of thirty seconds at times – how did you manage that?
Sebastian Vettel: By keeping my foot on the gas. Go hard or go home!

You'd like to have posted the fastest lap towards the end, but the team wouldn't allow it...
Sebastian Vettel: Well, I think you have to realise and understand, that isn't the most important thing in the world – and it certainly wasn't today – victory is what counted.
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