Travelodge guest finds pigeon nest under hotel bed

Roshina Jowaheer
Travelodge guest finds pigeon nest under hotel bed
Travelodge guest finds pigeon nest under hotel bed


A hotel guest at the Bath Central Travelodge was shocked to find a pigeon nesting under her bed.

Rosie Shapter, 60, opened the door to her room and found the bird flying around. She shooed it out of the window but couldn't get to sleep as it cooed throughout the night on the window ledge.

The next morning she looked under her bed and discovered why the bird didn't want to leave the room... it had left behind its nest, which contained an egg.

Travelodge bosses refused to believe Rosie until she emailed a picture of the nest and egg. Travelodge then apologised and refunded Rosie the £179 cost of her stay.

They insisted the room had been thoroughly cleaned and claimed the pigeon must have built the nest after the cleaners had left.

'I just couldn't believe that there could be a pigeon nesting on an egg in my room,' said Mrs Shapter from Drayton, Somerset.

'I was really shocked – how was it not found when the room was cleaned?

'The poor bird had obviously been pining to sit on its egg or lay another during the night. I felt rather sorry for it when I found the nest.'

Rosie checked into the room with her daughter and daughter-in-law for a hen night in May.

'The first thing I saw was the bird,' she said. 'I just screamed. I flapped my arms around a bit and it flew out of the window.

'But during the night it was making loads of noise outside.

'When my daughter got up she noticed some sticks under our bed and we found the nest.'

The budget hotel chain's advert features a cooing pigeon outside a guest's window, which is then told by a bear to: 'Jog on, feathers' so the guest isn't disturbed.

The RSPB bird charity said a pigeon could make a nest in four hours after coming in through a window.

A spokesman for Travelodge said: 'It's the first incident of this kind we've ever encountered.'

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