Myvi Vanilli: Perodua makes a pretend race car

This is the Myvi Wolfrace Design Concept, a car Perodua calls "a fantastic, state-of-the-art design." Yes.

Don't be confused by the word 'concept' – this bad boy goes on sale in October. Perodua hasn't nailed the price yet, but the most expensive Myvi on sale today is the Sport+ SXi at just under nine grand, so expect a five-figure sum.
For that you really will be investing in rarity, though: Perodua sold 31 Myvis in total in August. Its dealers are said to be among world's best solitaire players.

The Wolfrace will be powered by the same 1.3-litre 86bhp petrol engine that all Myvis have, getting it to 62mph in 11.3 seconds.

Anyone that's ever been to a retail centre car park after 8pm will be well aware of alloy wheel designer Wolfrace's work, and the company has crafted a special set of 16-inch rims for this Myvi, wrapped in low profile Falken tyres.

The car sits on lowered Eibach springs, and it gets a graphics pack including red wing mirrors, a red spoiler and go-faster stripes.

The rear side windows are tinted, the seats are leather, there's a set of fat tailpipes and, obviously, there's a massive bass bin in the boot, for dubstep and that.
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