Hamilton praying that Ferrari were travelling light

Lewis Hamilton finished among the Top Three in both practice sessions for the Singapore Grand Prix.
He secured fastest time in FP1 but had to make way for Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso later that evening.

A glance at the timing screen should actually have imbued Hamilton with confidence, but Fridays involve much more than just finding the right setup, and that's where the British driver was left struggling.

Hamilton to his team: "We'd better cut down the amount of sliding at the rear, so that tyres hold out longer," adding jokingly, "because otherwise, I think strategy will be at least a three-stopper."

Hamilton is more worried by Ferrari. Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa impressed the McLaren driver with their speed in practice: "I don't know how Ferrari are doing it, but they're really fast here."

"I don't know how much fuel they had on board – it can make a good three tenths of a second difference – I'm just hoping and praying that they were on a light fuel load."
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