Trucking arsonist in the dock

An Eddie Stobart truck driver has been charged with setting fire to two of the firm's iconic trucks.

Ronald Day has been hit with an arson charge for his alleged part a spate of Stobart truck fires – up to 27 in total.
The 53-year-old will appear in court tomorrow (23 September), after being caught by police who investigated tracking devices on two of the damaged trucks.

Police are still trying to figure out why Stobart's instantly recognisable green and red trucks are being targeted, but in some cases drivers sleeping inside them have been awoken by fires and forced to escape for their lives.

The trucks, which are worth around £70,000 each, are usually set alight while parked up at service stations or in lay-bys.

It was first thought there was a problem with the lorries, or that drivers were causing electrical fires by hooking up TVs, but it became clear that arson more likely after electrical experts were brought in to inspect the damaged vehicles.

Stobart's eponymous owner Eddie, who ran the company for three decades, died in March this year aged 56. The company today has more than 4,000 employees.
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