The world's greatest courtesy car

We're guessing that the last time you had your car in for a service or repair, the banger you got as a replacement was less a 'courtesy' and more a stinky embarrassment.

So imagine taking your damaged motor to a garage and being handed the keys to a Ferrari in exchange. Win!
That's what happened to James Hartley, who'd taken his BMW M3 to a garage for some work. When the owner realised he didn't have any courtesy cars left, instead of turning James away, he offered him his personal runabout – a Ferrari 348 TB.

The magnanimous owner is Alex Dunlop from A.J Dunlop garage, an establishment that's seemingly doing ok. (Not least, presumably, because of the sort of business acumen that dreams up publicity stunts like this one.)

"It's a little local garage and usually you get a little Citroen or something. They said because you're a good customer you can have the Ferrari," said James.

"I'm not sure if I'd do it again," said Alex. Fair enough.
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