Guns 'n' posers: maddest driving ever captured on video

A video showing possibly the most recklessly idiotic driving ever seen on a public road has been posted to Youtube. You can watch all ten minutes of it below.

But if you haven't got time to sit through that much public powersliding, we can tell you that everything you need to see happens within the first 30 seconds. It includes firing machine guns out of the car while it's going sideways on a busy motorway.
If you care to observe what this madness looks like from the driver's seat of the hooning saloon, skip to about 5:45. It's a bit turbulent in there.

While we obviously *in no way* condone this sort of behavior – in fact, we positively condemn it – it's a shame that the driver in question doesn't make better use of his obvious skills.

And hey, at least he's got the prudence to stick his hazards on. You know, to warn nearby pedestrians and motorists that there might be some stray bullets in the vicinity.

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