Frankfurt Motor Show: We need to be more American, says Chevrolet boss

Chevrolet Camaro
The secret to success for Chevrolet is to become more American – that's according to, unsurprisingly, the American boss of the brand's European operation.
Wayne Brannon believes that with other American brands looking to move away from their American roots, Chevrolet would in fact benefit from showing it off more.

"We can offer a unique slice of Americana," Brannon explained. "We're the only real American brand in Europe now because Ford has done a great job of becoming a European brand.

"Everyone knows Ford is an American company – a great brand with great cars and a lot of good things going for it – but they've become a European brand along with Opel, Volkswagen and the others.

"That's why I think pushing our American brand is very important. It's who we are. Customers are telling us that they appreciate that we have heritage in the American way of life."

Brannon points to the 600 songs in existence that have Chevy in their titles of in their lyrics, something "no other brand can boast" and he explained the firm's starring roll in the Transformers movies has helped too.

"We have a unique positioning in the world and in Europe as the only volume American brand," he said. "Customers like the fact we're American and cars like the Camaro and Corvette in our range help show it off."
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