'DE11 BOY' for sale, you plonker

Some wally is about to blow 3,000 nicker on a pucker plate. Je mange un cheval et un imbécile!

The DVLA will put 'DE11 BOY' for sale next week at an auction in Bishop's Stortford, and reckons it'll make £3,000.
Obviously there aren't that many yellow Reliant Robins or bright green Ford Capri Ghias kicking about anymore, but it'll look beautiful on an old Roller.

Another plate with a looser Only Fools And Horses connection due to go under the hammer at the same time is 'EA57 END'. It says East End, innit. That'll make about two monkeys (£1,000).

The auction, which is happening from Wednesday 28 September at the Down Hall Country House, will also see '36 O' up for sale. That one's expected to make a whole zoo's worth of monkeys – around £10,000.

Other plates include '666 A', for the budding Satanist, 'ONE 80B', for the narcissist called Robert, and 'OOH 848Y', for the complete...
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