The wheels on the minibus strain under weight of 66 kids

Naughty though it is and not that we would ever do it, the temptation to squeeze a fourth person into the back seat of a car is strong if you are only popping around the corner.

So we can see where the thought process started for this Chinese driver, but it all spiralled a bit out of control and when the van was pulled over it was found to have as many as 66 children on board.
That many kids is a lot in a full-size coach, but consider that this minibus was originally designed to take just 8 occupants and you get a picture of what sort of a squeeze it must have been back there for the group of four- and five-year-olds.

Amazingly this wasn't the result of a quick decision to transport all the kids around the corner without doing eight trips or more, as the van had been converted for the job, with the back seats removed and replaced by wooden benches.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the police pulled the van over and arrested the driver, and it later took 12 police vans to take all the kids home.

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