Driver dunks GT-R in Dutch ditch

Sadly there is nothing that shows exactly how this Nissan GT-R ended up sitting up to its bonnet in water in a Dutch ditch, but the long skid marks down the bank imply that excessive speed might have played a part.

What is most striking is how far the skid marks at the point the car entered the water are from its final resting point – it must have been carrying some pace.
In any case, the car was not going anywhere once it had come to a halt. Not under its own power anyway.

Helpful passers-by at the spot near the TT circuit in Assen paused to capture the rescue operation on camera though, which must have taken some time given the sling they had to create in the sub-water environment.

The car is right-hand drive as well, meaning there was a Brit left wondering how they were going to get home, and just what to say to their insurance company.

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