Video: Jaguar takes C-X16 concept onto very empty roads

The car that attracted the most attention on the first day of the Frankfurt show was undoubtedly the Jaguar C-X16 concept - a beautiful and smooth indication of the future of Jaguar's coupe line.

But concept cars are normally the embodiment of frustration – gorgeous to look at, but all they are is a shell with a load of ideas and dreams under the bonnet, which are rather useless at turning wheels and making the thing move in the real world.
The C-X16 is different though, and Jaguar said it was a concept that was fully capable of being driven. And to prove it, it has now released a video of the sleek looking two-seater heading out on some very deserted mountain roads.

And it seems to show that having a hybrid engine has not dulled the soundtrack of the Jag either. If the final version is anything like this, we'll be quite happy.

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