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We're now a couple of days into London Fashion Week and a number of things have happened. Models have strutted their stuff, male fashion has taken on a higher profile than usual (much to the delight of male lifestyle bloggers like me, see the LifeOver35 link below), the Daily Mail has got overexcited about topless dresses - I've inspected the pics to make sure - and there is a load of money involved, recession or otherwise.
The event lasts six days and that's going to include:
  • 68 catwalk shows
  • 37 presentations
  • 205 designers
  • Sponsorship from Canon
  • 9 shows and 6 presentations for blokes (believe me this is a step forward, although there won't be much for we over-40s)
  • 5000 visitors or more
  • Media coverage worth £100m
  • Guest programme exceeding £53m
  • £100m or orders placed each London Fashion Week season
  • Value of the fashion industry to the UK £21bn according to BFC Value of Fashion report
  • Fashion industry supports 1.3m jobs, around 5% of all jobs in the UK.

I'm not wearing that!

Of course there are the standard bits of clothing on the catwalk that nobody's going to wear along the street. I was quite serious about the topless dresses illustrated in the Mail, and much though men would love to see them I can't imagine they'll be mainstream anytime now.

What the catwalks can usefully do is to point to fashions and trends that are likely to be emerging - watered-down versions of what's up there are likely to hit the stores. So toplessness will translate to daring cuts and exposed cleavage (just in time for another cold winter, there are times I'm glad I'm not female), you can get an idea of the colours and styles of cut the major fashion houses will be pushing in the forthcoming season.

And the increasing focus on men's accessories - still a tiny minority as the figures above indicate - suggest to me a whole new industry is out there. Now if they can only get the hang of the fact that we're not all 22 year old unfeasibly tall and slim blokes, they might grab our attention a bit.

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