Cabins and bunk beds for freshers as universities are overwhelmed

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Lincoln University has had such a rush of applications from first-year students that it's having to house them in makeshift cabins until it can find them somewhere more permanent to stay.

And it does get even funnier. Because the gloriously-named registrar, Chris Spendlove, told the Daily Telegraph that he's hoping the youngsters enjoy their digs as it'll be a kind of "festival atmosphere".

What festival is it that he's thinking of?Last time I looked, most festivals took place in a field somewhere in summer with thousands of boozed-up, loved-up music fans rolling in the mud. Somehow, I don't think the 200 Lincoln University freshers will be living that dream.

Unexpected influx
But it's a sign of the times that the university has a record intake of 3,000 students which included a late, unexpected influx, as kids from further afield make the most of the college's final year as a £3,000-a-year tuition fee establishment. Like most others, it will increase its fees to £9,000 in the next academic year.

Secondly, these kids have had a reality check and realised that due to the lack of real jobs out there, it's university or the Jobseeker's Allowance and only one of those offers any real prospects.

So instead of scrounging off their parents, it's of to a Portakabin complete with electric heating, shower, toilet an two single beds to enjoy their first year away from the nest. All under the watchful eye of CCTV cameras. How very 2011.

But Lincoln is not alone in facing accommodation problems for its new charges. Over in Aberystwyth University in Wales, their freshers are facing sleepless nights on bunk beds thanks to a shortage of room space.

For the young Romeos among those students, I can tell them one thing now. This is not a sleeping arrangement that will prove particularly successful in attracting young Juliets.

But good luck!

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