Video: British 'Indiana Jones' captures 18ft anaconda in Guyana

Video: British 'Indiana Jones' captures 18ft anaconda in GuyanaBarcroft Media

A British biologist and his team successfully captured a giant 18ft anaconda while working in Guyana.

Neil McCann, 29, from Cardiff, spotted the huge reptile while they were working at the Rewa River in Guyana.

The rather scary snake weighed about 100kg and had a 27in girth, according to The Sun.

Neil, an avid adventurer who's rowed the Atlantic and trekked across Greenland's Polar Ice Cap, said he had always dreamed of handling an anaconda.

'I'd always dreamed of seeing an anaconda and I knew that our work in Gcondauyana would give us a real possibility of seeing one.'

Neil said the animal kept trying to bite him as they were trying to get hold of it, adding: 'Its strength was amazing and when a ripple went through its body it shook all of us.'

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