Victor-y! DIY Vauxhall banger is Europe's quickest road car

Back in 1980 a man called Andy from Wolverhampton had a dream. He wanted the world's fastest car.

So where better to start fulfilling that dream than spending £60 on a crappy old Vauxhall Victor?
But 31 long years later, Andy has almost done it: his Vauxhall Victor does 0-60mph in under one second, making it Europe's fastest car. That's one solitary second. And yes, it's road legal in the UK. By next year, Andy says it will be the world's fastest.

It keeps going too – by 6.5 seconds the banger will have passed 220mph, and a moment later it will have topped out at 250mph.

Andy Frost, boss of Penn Autos in Wolverhampton, estimates that over the last three decades he's spent £100,000 making his dream come true.

He hasn't holidayed at all in that time, and doesn't ever "go to the pub or spend money on anything trivial like that", choosing instead to put everything he has into his Victor. Amazingly, he's still married...his missus is a bit of a racing fan too.

He reckons it's taken 1,600 hours of work to create, including stuffing a twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet (only partially successfully, as you can see), fitting a roll cage and folding a braking parachute into the boot for drag strip runs.

Vauxhall was so impressed by the car that the company gave him some money towards it, as did Wolverhampton council as a little thanks for the good publicity his car is giving the area.

Andy says he used to take his three kids to school in the car, and that it "isn't tricky to drive like many people think". That's despite its two turbos coming from a digger, because regular car turbos just wouldn't do.

We'll be highly disappointed if it's not the benchmark for the next Corsa VXR. Take note, Vauxhall.

Here's what 0-60mph in under a second looks like:

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