Ryanair 'forces' passengers to use own pre-paid card to avoid fees

Ruth Doherty

Ryanair is effectively set to 'force' its passengers to use its own pre-paid card to avoid being billed a £6 per person booking fee.

As of November, the only way to avoid the charge - which adds of up to £48 for return flights for a family of four - will be to pay using their Cash Passport.

This even applies to MasterCard pre-paid card holders who, until now, were the only people who could avoid a card charge.

The Office of Fair Trading recently launched an investigation into card charges, suggesting that people paying with debit cards should not be billed at all, and that credit card charges should be 'transparent', and included in headline prices.

The Ryanair Cash Passport costs £6 to acquire from its website, with the customer receiving £6 worth of vouchers in return.

Purchases from Ryanair are free, but a 50p charge will apply to purchases from anywhere else, with the no-frills airline taking a cut.

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