Footballer sells Aventador order for £50,000 profit

The boss of one of the UK's biggest luxury finance houses has revealed Lamborghini Aventadors are currently fetching up to £50,000 above list price.

Tim Marlow, managing director of Bridford, a finance company that helps the seriously rich fund their automotive dreams, said there has been a huge amount of interest in the new Italian supercar.
"The cars look fantastic here on the stand," Marlow told us at the Frankfurt Motor Show. "They really have caught the attention of buyers and we've already helped fund a few.

"One footballer has bought one already but it looks like they will sell it on quite quickly for a healthy profit. Perhaps £30-50,000 more than the £360,000 list price they paid."

Marlow said a number of cars have caught his eye at the show – he's attended to get the inside line on the cars his company will be providing funding for very soon.

"It helps to be able to see the card we'll be getting a lot of interest for soon," added Marlow. "We've already had a lot of interest in the Ferrari 458 Spider. One customer has bought a McLaren MP4-12C to see him though until his Spider arrives.

"Our market has been pretty consistent. We will provide funding for nearly £50m worth of cars this year. New cars like those seen here at Frankfurt will only see that continue."

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