Trade Unions enjoy £10,000 slap up meal - what about the workers?

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Trade Unions are expected to do a few things at their annual shindig. There's supposed to be a barnstorming speech or two, some meaningful threats, a rousing speech by a firebrand politician and a robust defence of the workers.

But apparently nowadays the whole thing isn't complete without rounding the whole thing off by tucking into focaccia croutons or truffled potatoes at a swanky hotel.

The politics
The rhetoric this time round was just as powerful as ever. We were promised the biggest ever campaign of civil disobedience and we were treated to a rousing speech by Ed Balls - Gordon Brown's favourite.

Your view on the promised strikes will depend on your political persuasion. There will be those who think it's an essential defence of vital rights for the workers. But there will be others for whom this translates as a nightmarish halting in vital services from transport to healthcare and education to defend the rights of other people to have a better pension than you at your expense.

Presumably your position will also decide whether you were performing a standing ovation at the description of politicians as having 'tiny minds' or whether you remain to be convinced whether these massively educated and elitist group really are very stupid, or whether they simply have different ideological convictions.

The need to feed
However, whatever your political persuasion, the slap up meal that followed the meetings would have raised eyebrows. Do the trade unions need to be spending money on this sort of thing? Does it need to be at 8 Northumberland Avenue (a swanky hotel off Trafalgar Square)? Do they need four courses and fine wines - or indeed the focaccia croutons?

If they are going to round off their rhetoric with a claim that the politicians are out of touch with the suffering of the ordinary workers of this country, don't they need to be a bit more careful about this kind of indulgence?

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