Frankfurt Motor Show: SsangYong XIV-1 concept

SsangYong is not known for its good looking cars, although this might be about to change if the concept car it is showing off at the Frankfurt Motor Show makes it to the roads.

The XIV-1 is in keeping with the rest of the Korean company's range in that it is a small SUV, but visually it is a long way from the ugly Rodius and awkward Kyron.
Ok, it is unlikely to win any beauty contests, but some of the chunkier lines have a distinct feel of 'concept car' about them, and they should be ironed out should the car ever make it to production.

It is a B-segment SUV, so should be aiming at challenging the likes of the Nissan Juke – it is almost the same length and just a bit wider than the Japanese baby 4x4.

As it is a concept, there are some more outlandish features than normally seen on SsangYongs, such as four seats that rotate to face one another and a pair of suicide doors that negate the need for a B pillar.

SsangYong also claims that the internal functions can all be controlled via smart phone technology.

Some of this may make it to the final car, as SsangYong reckons the car will make it to production as well, saying that it is more than just a design study.
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