Frankfurt Motor Show: Peugeot HX1 Concept

If Peugeot gets its way, by 2020 MPVs will no longer be the depressing signifier that the dreams we had as children have faded away, but instead be rakish mobile coffee lounges.

The HX1 is a six-seat MPV with a shooting brake profile and a very low roofline – almost 30cm lower than a Peugeot 5008.
The interior layout is modular so that two can lounge in the back with legs outstretched, or an extra pair of seats can be unfurled.

The rear quarter features a working coffee machine and a minibar, choc full of tiny cans of overpriced tonic water, no doubt. There's a big slab of marble in the centre console too, which probably doesn't help overall weight but will at least drag down the HX1's centre of gravity.

The gullwing-doored HX1 is a diesel-electric hybrid, capable of up to 19 zero emissions miles on its batteries only. It works by mating a 204bhp 2.2-litre HDI diesel engine to a 95bhp electric motor driving the rear wheels. Thus it's four-wheel drive; Peugeot calls the setup Hybrid4.

The alloys are actively aerodynamic, in that the spokes feature flaps that extend while the car is moving, effectively 'closing' the wheels for better airflow.

Obviously it has as much chance of production as the flux capacitor does, but Peugeot says the HX1 shows a bit of how the future of Peugeot will look.
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