Video: Stunning Sumatran tiger cubs born at LA Zoo

Video: Stunning Sumatran tiger cubs born at LA ZooYouTube

If you're a sucker for baby animals (who isn't?), then these three tiger cubs will have you head over heels in seconds.

The cubs were born on 6 August at LA Zoo to female tiger Melukakan (known as Lulu), who will raise them for the next few months as a single mum.

The cubs will only be allowed to enter the public viewing area when they're strong enough and their vision has improved, around December time.

And, according to the LA Times, the cubs aren't the only new additions to the zoo. They also recently welcomed two giant otter pups, which can be seen at Winnick Family Animal Care Centre, as well as 21 new Komodo dragons for mum Lima.

Sumatran tigers - only found on the Indonesian island of Sumatra - are listed as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, as their habitats are destroyed and poaching takes its toll.

So these babies are truly special - check them out below:

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