SEAT charters private plane to repair Frankfurt star

Concept cars, they're expensive to build, but are now an almost expected part of a motor show stand. So if you're a manufacturer, damaging your show star is possibly the worst thing that could happen the night before its world debut – right?

Well according to a SEAT insider, that's exactly what happened to their latest IBL plug-in hybrid, four-door saloon at last night's Volkswagen Group preview evening.
After being shown alongside the cars such as the new Porsche 911 and Volkswagen UP, one of the corners of this resin and clay model suffered noticeable damaged at the hands of an errant door.

Revealing a damaged concept car just wouldn't do. So with just hours to go before the press conference, SEAT put an impressive plan into action so the IBL could be returned to its former glory.

Firstly, someone in Spain was dispatched to the Martorell factory to mix up more of the special metallic red paint. Then in the early hours, the paint was flown in a specially chartered aircraft to a private airstrip near Frankfurt.

Finally, taking no chances, SEAT had two cars waiting at the airstrip to make sure that at least one of those made it to the show. Repairs were then made in time for today's reveal.

They made it and despite a good look around the IBL's bodywork, I couldn't spot any evidence of repair. So full marks to the SEAT team that worked all night to make sure the latest concept SEAT was actually revealed today, your attention to detail and 'can-do spirit' is impressive – now go and get some sleep!
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