How not to drive a Porsche: high speed chase lasts two hours

Porsche Boxster on fire
Porsche Boxster on fire

It's safe to say that the resale value of this Porsche Boxster will most likely have taken a nosedive after one car thief got hold of it.

Craig Alan Jones from Ashmore, Australia, is alleged to have taken police on a two-hour car chase along the Gold Coast before dumping the sportscar car to try his luck in a Nissan Navara.

Racing the wrong way up a dual carriageway, the 23-year-old rammed the Porsche into a barrier tearing off the front wing and blew up the engine in spectacular fashion before finally losing it on a bend.

He allegedly also drove the Porsche at high speeds up residential streets, narrowly missing a pedestrian. The front right wheel came off, hitting another vehicle, and his driving was so reckless that police called off the chase three times.

When he was finally caught, Jones was charged with dangerous operation and unlawful use of a motor vehicle. Happily for the local residents, he won't be back on the roads for a while after being remanded in custody to appear in court next month.

Watch Jones' poor handling skills in the video below.