Frankfurt Motor Show: Vauxhall RAK e

Surprise! When Vauxhall put out a press release saying it would be unveiling a surprise electric vehicle at Frankfurt, with pictures and everything, it kind of ruined the surprise.

Nonetheless, here's the vehicle on its Frankfurt show stand. Small, isn't it.
Called the Vauxhall RAK e, it's pronounced as per 'Rocky' in the following sentence: "Yo Rocky, quit fightin' like a bum!"

But unlike the Italian Stallion, it's far from a heavyweight (boom!), designed to weigh a fraction of a regular city car, to the benefit of range and speed.

Handling stability for the tandem RAK e (putting one passenger behind the driver) comes by way of a wide front track, while the rear wheels are close together for agility.

Vauxhall parent company GM is looking for a positive reaction to the RAK e, based upon which it will give it the production go-ahead for 2015. It should cost between £8,000 and £9,000.

It will hit 75mph and have a range of 60 miles, although it will be possible to limit it to 60mph. That way, 16-year-olds will be able to drive it in Germany. Result.

Vauxhall also showed off the three-door Astra GTC, which the company is marketing as a coupé rather than a less practical hatchback, and the Zafira Tourer, a bigger version of the Zafira MPV.

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