Frankfurt Motor Show: Hyundai i30

Frankfurt isn't all about concepts for futuristic off-roaders or powerful rear-wheel drive coupes; there is a selection of impressive looking ordinary cars as well.

One of those is the Hyundai i30, a car that impressed on its arrival to the European market in 2007, and is now set to enter its second generation with a selection of efficient new engines, a new high in terms of efficiency and a wide-mouthed new grin.
The styling won't appeal to everyone, but it is certainly more daring than the conservative looking original i30. It takes on many of the looks of the rest of the Hyundai range, and adds in a pair of sweeping lines across the front grille that flow into the sculptured contours on the bonnet, part of the brand's "fluidic sculpture" ethos.

The engines on offer in the new i30 are split 50:50 between petrol and diesel, with three power options available for each. The 126bhp, 1.6-litre diesel is perhaps the highlight, as it sets a new high for efficiency for the model, with CO2 emissions at 99g/km thanks to tech such as stop/start, low rolling resistance tyres and an alternator management system.

As is often the case with new models, the second generation of the i30 is longer, wider and lower than its forebear, and luggage space is 10 percent bigger at 378 litres as a result.

There is more up front as well, with Hyundai promising a greater level of equipment compared to before, including a sat nav with a seven-inch touch screen, a system that alters the feel of the steering between Comfort, Normal and Sport depending on the level of feedback desired and a panoramic sunroof that can be tilted or slid open.

The new car will go on sale in the early part of 2012 as a five door hatchback only.

Hyundai i30
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Frankfurt Motor Show: Hyundai i30
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