Frankfurt Motor Show: Eterniti Hemera

Motor shows sometimes throw up new companies that claim they will be making a fantastic new supercar/electric vehicle/moon buggy, and normally if you ignore them they go away after a while.

But new brand Eterniti has caught our attention at the Frankfurt motor show for several reasons.
Firstly it's based in London; secondly it claims to be making a 'Super-SUV' called the Hemera that will cost about £150,000, and thirdly the company has managed to get some famous names on board, such as former F1 driver Johnny Herbert and the man behind the unsuccessful Jaguar XJ220 supercar.

However, this hasn't stopped the vehicle on the Frankfurt stand being a bit, well, ugly.

Eterniti says it is based on the latest and biggest VW Group SUV platform – the one that underpins the likes of the Porsche Cayenne and the Volkswagen Touareg. This explains why the Hemera looks a lot like the Cayenne from many angles. Well, almost every angle actually as it is basically a re-jigged Porsche SUV.

However, this may be toned down by the time the car goes on sale, as the company says the final version will have "bespoke Eterniti LED headlamps and lenses". That will make all the difference.

Eterniti Hemera
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Frankfurt Motor Show: Eterniti Hemera

The bespoke luxury car that turned out to be a tuned Porsche Cayenne

Not great looking from whatever angle you view it

Although it still looks like a Cayenne from this angle to us

Yep, definitely a Cayenne


The interior, says Eterniti, will be almost 100 percent unique to the brand, suggesting that the company will also borrow some parts from the VW catalogue here as well. The bespoke stuff will include a high level of luxury kit, including twin electrically-reclining rear seats with heating and cooling, twin iPads with wireless keyboards, and a drinks chiller to give a limousine style experience in the back.

Overall the brand says the Hemera will have a: "complete chassis-up rebuild, including a new, re-packaged interior, and the light-weight carbon-composite re-skin."

What will really set the Hemera apart from its conventional Porsche-badged equivalent will be the engine, as Eterniti reckons it will be able to get more than 620bhp from the 4.8-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine it is installing.

This, says Eterniti, means the company is entering the Super-SUV segment before all the other luxury companies that intend to do so, although Maserati is also unveiling a big off roader at Frankfurt this year.

The Hemera will go on sale early next year, and prices will be confirmed closer to the time. Expect footballers bored with their Overfinch Range Rovers to show their interest.
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