Video: Manx GP rider escapes fireball

An on-board camera has captured the moment a racer flew off his motorbike mid-corner to be engulfed in flames as his machine exploded.

After avoiding serious injury in the fall and the resulting inferno, he then had another lucky escape when the following rider, who caught the whole incident on camera, missed him by a remarkably short distance after swerving to avoid him having ridden through the blaze.
The unlucky rider has been named as Brian Purdy, and his fellow competitor with the bike-mounted camera was Mick Jordan. Purdy was reportedly not badly injured, thankfully, and was taken to hospital with just a broken arm to show from the crash.

The accident happened on 23 August in a practice session for the Manx Grand Prix. The session was subsequently abandoned.

For those that may wonder why Jordan didn't stop to help his fellow rider, comments on the video point out quite rightly that any rider stopping would only provide another obstacle for following riders, and that the marshals were in close vicinity regardless.

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