New eye surgery could see reading glasses disappear

Caroline Cassidy

A new groundbreaking treatment for long-sightedness could mean millions of Brits can do away with their reading glasses.

surgery for presbyopia
surgery for presbyopia

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Some 23 million Britons are thought to experience some difficulty with their sight and laser eye surgery has rapidly increased in popularity in recent years.

This new treatment, which involves placing a microscopic ring in the cornea to allow focused light to reach the retina, may in some cases fully restore patients' vision.

The treatment, which will cost around £4,600 for both eyes, was developed in California and more than 6,000 procedures have been carried out in Europe and Japan since last year.

Ophthalmologist Dr David Allamby explained to the Daily Mail: "Finding a treatment for presbyopia is important.

"As we age, the crystalline lens, which sits behind the cornea and acts like a zoom, stiffens from a squashy gel-like substance to a fixed structure.

"This makes it harder for muscles to squeeze it into shape to get a clear image."

As we grow older, this hardening of the lens makes reading more difficult but, of the new Z Kamra treatment, Dr Allamby added: "This is like granting immunity from ageing, at least for your eyes."

So far, patients who underwent the procedure six years ago have experience no problems with the implants but some experts have warned that the surgery may not be suitable for everyone, those over 70 for example.

"This is an interesting concept," said Larry Benjamin, chairman of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. "But it won't suit everyone and I imagine certain professionals such as pilots, where night vision is important would not be allowed it."

What do you think - would you be willing to pay £5k if it meant you could ditch your reading glasses? Leave a comment below...