Don't miss out on free Wi-Fi

Going online to check emails and social networking sites while on the move has become a way of life for millions of Britons with smart phones.

But many of them are missing a trick. Figures from Simplifyditgital reveal that a staggering nine out of 10 broadband customers are completely unaware that they can log on away from home for free thanks to Wi-Fi hot spots.
Nearly six million BT home broadband customers, for example, have free and unlimited access to over 3 million BT Wi-Fi hot spots.

This includes both BT Fon hot spots provided by BT Broadband customers who are part of the BT Fon community and nearly 5,000 BT Openzone hot spots in places such as Starbucks, Hilton and Heineken pubs.

But, according to Simplifydigital chief executive Charlie Ponsonby, very few of them make use of this service to save money.

"We estimate that of the thousands of customers looking for broadband deals that we speak to every single week, fewer than one in ten understand that you can get free Wi-Fi access with home broadband packages," he said.

"Customers are focused on understanding the basics of their broadband package when they buy – like speed, download limits and parental control. Very few understand hidden benefits such as free Wi-Fi access."

Home broadband customers, particularly those with BT or O2, are therefore being urged to investigate this benefit and how it can save them money when they access the internet on the go.

Existing BT customers wishing to learn more should visit the free Wi-Fi page of the BT website.

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