Video: Heavy crash for Loeb in Australia after rare error

He might be having a tough time with his new team-mate that's led to a few tense moments this year but it's still rare for Sebastien Loeb to suffer a lapse of concentration while at the office.

However, the seven-times World Rally Champion had just that after just taking the lead from his fellow Citroen driver Sebastien Ogier on the fourth stage of Rally Australia - with disastrous effects.
After momentarily taking his mind off what co-driver Daniel Elena was saying to him, Loeb took a corner too fast, the car clipped a bank and rolled a number of times before ending up on the driver's side. Loeb then scrambled past the hapless Elena to get out of the stranded DS3.

Now, we're sure he didn't do it because he's the 'talent' but we're still puzzled as to why Elena couldn't get out first. If anyone knows or has a suggestion, please enlighten us - we really want to know.
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