Exclusive interview with Christian Horner: Vettel was phenomenal

Christian Horner was ecstatic as he spoke with UK Autoblog about Sebastian Vettel's victory – and more wins are to follow. Webber's exit was frustrating.

Monza is probably the track that Red Bull feared most – then you blew everyone away – how did that come about?
Christian Horner: Simply amazing, it was a great team performance. I'm more than happy with the result. Sebastian drove a fantastic race. Red Bull's first victory at Monza – phenomenal!
What happened with Mark Webber?
Christian Horner: He was a bit too optimistic in trying to overtake on the outside. It was a racing incident. Neither Mark nor Felipe were to blame. It was very frustrating, of course, to lose Mark when his front wing came off and went under the car. I'm sure he would have moved back up the field and finished on the podium, otherwise.

Sebastian can clinch the world championship title at the next race in Singapore, if everything goes right for him
Christian Horner: We don't look at it like that. We try to be as competitive as possible in every race. We intend winning every race, and then the world championship will take care of itself

Sebastian is getting better all the time, isn't he?
Christian Horner: Yes, he is.
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