Button let down by start

Once more at Monza, Jenson Button proved that he's a sly old fox out on the racing track. He started from third place on the grid and went down a few places as the cars got off the line, but nevertheless, managed to finish in second place after beating Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso in a series of scraps.

Button: "It was a funny old race. There was the fight with Lewis, then with Michael and Fernando. It was good. I wasn't first, which is a big shame, but it's never easy when you drop down to sixth or seven position."
Button found the start in particular a big let-down, but had fun despite that: "Shame we had such a bad start. One small problem can cost you a lot of time."

However, he wasn't all that happy about second place, because as a racing driver, he always wants to be number one. It was interesting, though, to see him progress through the field, especially as he picked off the top drivers one by one: "Lewis had a problem exiting turn two and was slow. He went too far over onto the grass and was in a vulnerable position. Tackling Michael was really nice; I had a bash and voilà! The manoeuvre worked a treat, one of my best ever."

Alonso had Button worried initially, because on the straights he kept hitting the rev limiter when activating DRS. Overtaking subsequently on the harder tyre was easier, because Alonso didn't have the grip: "That's the good thing about KERS – you can overtake people when they make a mistake. It was close, but then I opened up a gap and finished a comfortable second."
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