Exclusive interview with Sebastian Vettel: A rather special sort of pole

Sebastian Vettel will be starting tomorrow's race at Monza from pole position. Autoblog UK asked him about this very special achievement.

Sebastian, congratulations on your tenth pole of the season. It must be all the more gratifying, considering this is a track which hasn't seemed to suit you much over the years.

Sebastian Vettel: I wouldn't describe it so much as gratifying, but I think it is certainly a big achievement for us to be starting from pole position, especially as we haven't done all that well at Monza in the last couple of years. So there is something rather special about occupying the front slot on the grid.
It is incredibly hot here; how do you handle it? Do you have to drink a lot during the race?

Sebastian Vettel: Yes, absolutely. It's not possible to keep going without drinking. Monza is not necessarily the toughest track on the racing calendar, but with these temperatures, you obviously need to make sure that you drink enough.

Do you have to eat before the race, or do you prefer to go into it on an empty stomach?

Sebastian Vettel: I have my normal rhythm and routine. Sunday is more or less planned out. It is important that things always follow the same pattern. The start is usually at two o'clock in the afternoon, so we know exactly what we have to do.
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