Exclusive interview with Marc Surer: Ferrari are just too slow

While Red Bull excel, Ferrari and Mercedes disappoint – this is the post-qualifying analysis of Marc Surer in conversation with Autoblog UK.

Sebastian Vettel has taken pole at Monza ahead of the two McLarens. Does this now make him favourite for the win?

Marc Surer: Absolutely. Red Bull rely on such a small wing that they can probably stay ahead in spite of the DRS zone. Provided that Vettel wins the start. Up to now, the supposition was that Red Bull aren't all that good on fast tracks, but I was impressed at Spa by the way they have picked up in terms of high speed. This suggests that they should manage to stay ahead tomorrow.
Ferrari seem to have problems.

Marc Surer: Looking back on the last few races, you have to say that Ferrari were superb in their win at Silverstone when the blown diffuser ban was in place. But since then, they have been rather average. It is hot here in Monza, which should really suit them, so there are no excuses – they're just too slow.

Mercedes have qualified in their usual eight and ninth place.

Marc Surer: That is a total disappointment as far as I am concerned. I thought that they might be challenging Ferrari by now. They've taken a gamble on the tyres in Nico Rosberg's case, and that could pay off tomorrow. But if Michael Schumacher is getting beaten by a Renault, that counts as a poor performance.

Could Nico's strategy of starting on hard tyres really pay dividends?

Marc Surer: It is possible. He tried an extremely long run on soft tyres during Friday's practice session. They're presumably speculating that it may be possible to get by with just the one stop.
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