Brand new British 'Super SUV' unveiled at last

New British car company Eterniti has finally revealed some proper images of its first car, a 'Super-SUV' called the Hemera.

It's nothing if not striking, and it's probably fair to say it borrows from elsewhere. We're seeing Porsche Cayenne, Ford Focus RS and even hints of Aston Martin One-77 in there.
We don't know that much about the Hemera yet, and nor do we have a picture of the front, but the press release accompanying these images has revealed the SUV will have "over 620bhp". Super.

We're told that the hand-built car will top 180mph, and do so while providing the often mutually exclusive qualities of limousine comfort and sharp handling.

Production starts in 2012, with each customer expected to turn up to Eterniti's London base and individually specify their car. However, twin reclining rear chairs, iPads (note the plural) and a drinks cooler will be standard issue.

The company officially launches at the Frankfurt motor show, when it will reveal who is behind it and what plans it has.

But Eterniti has already enjoyed a colourful history, including having to declare that a Twitter account set up in its name, which claimed a link to F1, was fake.
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