PM staff in cat food fundraiser

Downing Street Cat picturePrime Minister David Cameron is presumably down on his luck financially as well as in terms of health bills and putting his foot in it with female colleagues. That's the only way I can explain a BBC report that says Downing Street staff are organising pub quiz style events to raise money to keep the poor kitty in food and water.
Let's make sure we've understood that correctly. Assuming the report is accurate, and the BBC's usually pretty good, our Prime Minister has a cat in his house and is too much of a tightwad to shell out for the odd tin of Whiskas (other brands of cat food are available).

The staff have been paying for its upkeep themselves. And now they're going to hold a fundraiser, in the State Rooms of Downing Street, so the little mite doesn't starve to death (that's the cat, not Cameron. Keep up.).

Moral support

It's not been a great week for Cameron. Aside from the serious issues of the health service reforms he had MP Nadine Dorries storming out of the Commons yesterday after he accused her of being "frustrated" - he probably meant frustrated with the importance of Nick Clegg when his party has a single-figure percentage of seats in the Commons as she said, but there was a lot of schoolboy sniggering which prompted her to leave.

Meanwhile George Osborne reportedly caused consternation at the GQ Awards a couple of nights ago by making a joke about the magazine's readership and a phrase that rhymed with "bankers" - his sources are denying that it went down badly, the Mirror said he was booed off the stage and then told Tiny Tempah off for signing an autograph wrongly.

This is a responsible blog and we support people when they're going through it. All the same, it probably wouldn't be a good idea if every reader were to send a donation of a single tin of Whiskas to no. 10 Downing Street so the poor cat can actually eat. Press stories about hundreds of tins for "Larry Relief" turning up because the PM was too tight fisted to pay for his cat's food, wouldn't be funny at all, in fact probably a bit humiliating for our beleaguered premier.

So don't do it. OK?

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