Video: Top Gear Live's fridge-firing monster truck

Although the line-up has yet to be finalised, we're quite confident there will be a fair few powerful cars on display at Top Gear Live this November.

But perhaps the most powerful one of all is not one built for speed, but for flinging fridges out from a massive cannon. And driving over stuff.
Red Dragon is a custom built Ford 350 Super Duty Monster Truck that holds a bespoke built, supercharged 9.5-litre Chevrolet engine with a frankly bonkers 1308bhp. Overall it is 11 feet high, 20 feet long and 12 feet wide, and weighs a huge 4.5 tonnes, with each wheel weighing a huge quarter of a tonne each.

With all this weight and such a ridiculously huge engine, it is perhaps no surprise that the fuel consumption is not measured in miles per gallon, but yards per gallon – Red Dragon burns a gallon of methanol fuel every 50 -60 YARDS.

The piece de resistance, the fridge tosser, is capable of chucking objects weighing up to 650kg, but lighter items go a fair way further.

Those going to the show at the Birmingham NEC from 11 – 13 November or London's Excel centre from 24 – 27 November can see just what Clarkson Hammond and May intend to fire from the modern motorised trebuchet. Tickets are available from

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