Car insurers 'boost profits with hidden charges'

Caroline Cassidy

Motorists have seen their insurance premiums sky rocket in recent years and insurers have long blamed fraudulent claims and damage caused by uninsured drivers.

car insurance hidden charges
car insurance hidden charges

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What they're not telling law-abiding drivers, however, is that their coffers are being substantially swelled by "hidden" administrative fees.

Much like the airlines, car insurance firms have been subtly bumping up admin fees for policy cancellations, credit card payments and charges for unpaid bills.

In an investigation by the Daily Mail, insurers typically charged around £17 for sending out new documents, £47.50 for cancelling a policy before the premium was up for renewal and £5.95 for paying with a credit card.

But that's not the only way they make money - many sell customers' details on to personal injury lawyers and claims firms in return for referral fees.

Little wonder then, that Admiral has managed to boost its profits by 28 per cent during the first six months of the year.

However, insurance companies face a backlash over these hidden charges.

Dan Moore, senior research at consumer watchdog Which?, told the Mail: "It is unfair to penalise consumers so shareholders can make a big pot of cash.

"The increase in personal injury claims is a rod insurers have made for their own back. It's time the industry took some responsibility. We don't want to be in a situation were motorists are driven off the road."

What do you think - are the insurance companies pricing tactics underhanded? Leave a comment below...