Awesome new Jag gets Formula 1 boost button

This is the new Jaguar C-X16, very possibly the most exciting non-food based thing that will happen at the Frankfurt motor show.

Yes it's beautiful, and yes it's quick, and yes it's 'the new E-Type'...but surpassing all that stuff is one tiny button.
In easily the coolest application of a hybrid electric setup on a road car, the C-X16 gets a Formula 1 style boost button on the steering wheel, good for an extra 94bhp lasting up to ten seconds. That's like a whole Kia Picanto's worth of oomph. Ok, bad example, but you get the idea.

The additional juice comes entirely from the electric motor, which is linked to a 375bhp V6 petrol engine. Combined, they're good for a 4.4-second sprint to 62mph and a 186mph top speed.

But to abate any feeling of eco contrition you may feel while climbing so rapidly towards that whopping top speed, know that the electric motor isn't just for boost – it's also for the environment and that.

The C-X16 is capable of hitting 50mph without recourse to dirty, carbon dioxide-spewing petrol, though for how many miles on a single charge we're not told yet. Its average fuel economy is 41mpg and its CO2 emissions 165g/km.

Away from the fripperies of greenery, this Jaguar is proper. It's designed to show where Jags are going in the looks department over the next few years, and it's not that far from showroom-ready, either; Jaguar calls it a 'production concept'.

Then there's the handling stuff. Of course, Jaguar claims the C-X16 will be quite splendid on the road, but aside from the PR guff its attributes point in the right direction: it's got the shortest chassis Jaguar has made since the '50s; it has 50:50 weight distribution; and it's built from aluminium and carbon fibre, so it's lighter than Bill Gates's conscience.

When it does hit the shops next year it'll be priced to compete with the Porsche Cayman and the quickest Audi TTs, about £45,000.

We'll find out more at the unveiling, no doubt, due first thing 13 September. We'll let you know...
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