Audi displays A2 electric concept before Frankfurt reveal

After releasing the sketches of the car last week, Audi has now shown off the first images of its A2electric concept car that is set to appear at Frankfurt.

With its high wheel arches, the four-seater A2 clearly takes some influence from the model that last wore the name until it ceased production six years ago.
This time around the car is powered by a 114bhp electric motor that gives it a range of 124 miles and takes it to 62mph in a sprightly 9.3 seconds, aided partly by its comparatively low weight. At 1,150kg it is as much as a three door 1.6 –litre diesel A1, which is impressive given that electric cars usually weigh more than their conventionally powered equivalents.

A largely aluminium superstructure that is supplemented by Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Polymer parts is largely to thank for this, although the effort is universal with even the wheels shaving off 2kg per corner.

Audi says the battery can be charged in just 1.5 hours when attached to a 400 volt charger, and around four hours when attached to a standard 230v domestic socket. However, Audi says the car is also set up so it can be charged wirelessly.

There are two touchpads either side of the steering wheel that are used to control all of the car's functions bar the windscreen wipers and indicators. When both are touched at once though, the car enters a "semi-autonomous mode" that guides the car in traffic.

It also comes with a glass roof that switches from dark to transparent at the push of a button and a 'dynamic light' that arches across the dash.

A production version has yet to be confirmed, although if it were to make it to the roads then expect it to be around two years away.
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