Video: Indy car goes airborne

Getting rear-ended at any speed is no fun, but getting rear ended while braking at the end of a 180mph straight in an Indy Car is even less enjoyable.

Thankfully no-one was hurt in this incident at the Baltimore Grand Prix on Sunday, which saw Tony Kanaan lose his brakes at 180mph and cannon into the rear three-quarters of Helio Castroneves' car, sending him flying into the air and narrowly missing a marshall.
In fact, the crash did Kanaan a favour, as it slowed him down heavily while he was flying towards the sharp right hand bend at the end of the straight.

He certainly recognised this, saying to Castroneves later on Twitter that "if wasn't for you my friend I wouldn't be here".

But the two drivers weren't the only ones with a lucky escape: look closely at the left hand side of the track at 0.42 seconds to see the white suited marshall who has his quick reactions to thank for his survival.

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