Shark! Surfers blissfully unaware of great white in their wave

Shark! Surfers blissfully unaware of great white in

A Labour Day weekend holidaymaker got the shot of a lifetime at a beach in San Diego as he snapped a group of tourists surfing - blissfully unaware that a great white shark was circling beneath them.

The shark was, quite literally, sharing their wave, swimming just a few feet away from the surfers.

The passer-by who took the picture told lifeguards he had spotted a shark, but his claim was dismissed.

But experts have now confirmed the recent picture shows a shark. According to the Daily Mail, Ralph Collier, from the Shark Research Committee, told CBS8: 'In my opinion, we are looking at the tail end of an animal that is... 10 to 12 feet, maybe a little more.'

The stretch of coastline in La Jolla was actually just reopened after previously been closed last week when several people spotted a 12-inch fin, and a lifeguard saw an 18-inch dorsal fin.

It doesn't seem to have put anyone off, though..

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