Audi shows off new A2 concept

Audi has revealed yet another small electric concept car that will be making its debut at the Frankfurt motor show, with the first sketches of the A2 having been unveiled.

The new car marks the return of the A2 name after the pioneering original ceased production six years ago.
The drawings show a four-seat, five door hatchback that retains some influence from the looks of the last A2, and is a similar size to the company's existing three-door A1 supermini at just 3.8m long.

However, the A2 is not set to act as a more practical A1, as Audi is expected to still carry out plans to make a five door version of its supermini.

Instead, it is appearing at the show as an electric-only concept, implying it could be the basis for a highly efficient Audi. The full details of the engine in the car on the show stand have yet to be revealed though.

It will feature a series of high-tech equipment though, with new LED headlights with technology known as 'matrix beam'. This features a band of light that can be used in several functions, such as recognising the driver when they approach and unlocking the car through gesture sensing technology.

Other highlights include the rear foglights projecting a triangle of light onto the road behind the car, indicators that run the length of the car and a roof that switches from dark glass to transparent at the touch of a button.

A high-tech dashboard features on the inside, with touch control panels on the inside of the steering wheel. A large colour monitor offering internet access among more traditional readouts is also positioned behind the wheel.
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