UK to get Ford 'spoilsport' key

Ford will put MyKey on the options lists of its European cars from 2012. MyKey is effectively an electronic tag for middle class children, limiting how fast they can drive dad's new Mondeo and how loud they can crank up that Def Leppard CD. Crazy kids.

The key even disables the 'ESP off' button to help prevent Top Gear-imbibing teens getting into silly lift-off oversteer shenanigans.
Already available in America, MyKey is naturally popular among parents with the benevolence to hand their shiny Blue Oval 4x4 to a brand new driver, but who have understandable safety concerns; the system is so zealous in its quest for complete driver concentration that it won't allow the radio to be switched on until seat belts are fastened.

As an additional feature, Ford has today announced that it will be integrating MyKey with SYNC Emergency Assistance for its European application.

It means that in the event of a crash the emergency services are automatically notified immediately of the car's whereabouts.

Ford says it's the most advanced emergency assistance programme of its type, and that no subscription is required to activate it.

MyKey and SYNC Emergency Assistance will first go into the Focus from 2012.
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