One in ten Brits have had sex on a plane

Katy Holland
One in ten Brits have had sex on a plane
One in ten Brits have had sex on a plane


More than one in 10 Brits say they have had sex on a plane - many of them with a complete stranger, according to a new poll.

Yes - the Mile High Club is alive and kicking, if the latest survey carried out by Jetcost is to be believed.

Traditional inflight entertainment (think endless episodes of Mr Bean and Friends) just isn't doing it for us, it seems - because more than half of Britain's 'Mile Highers' say they get down and dirty out of sheer boredom.

The research, which questioned more than 1,300 adult passengers about their onboard behaviour, revealed that most mid-air sexual liaisons occur between established partners.

But 17 per cent claim to have got down and dirty with a stranger they'd met while onboard.

And it's not just on long-haul flights that get passengers in the mood. A staggering 10 per cent were on short internal flights. How do they manage that?

Jerome Cohen-Scali, co-founder of Jetcost, which carried out the study, commented on the findings:

'Long-haul flights can be boring, but there is usually plenty of in-flight entertainment to keep you occupied. We would never recommend becoming members of the 'mile-high club', but it was very interesting to see that so many turned to it as a means of fighting boredom mid-flight.'

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