Novitec Giulietta is pretty, fast

Novitec, famous for pimping and preening all things Italian and pretty, has turned its attention to the Giulietta.

The German tuning company has upped power across the range, both petrol and diesel, as well as adding those aftermarket staples: a set of massive rims and a body kit.
Novitec's Powerjet 2 chip takes the 1.4-litre TB petrol Giulietta from 118bhp to 139bhp, while the same module in the MultiAir car sends power to 193bhp, from 168.

Take a Cloverleaf to Novitec and the 1750 TBi engine jumps to a tyre-troubling 257bhp. It's enough to lop 0.3 seconds off the 0-62mph sprint, down to 6.5 seconds. That upgrade costs just under £400.

Diesel Giulietta owners get gains of around 20bhp by fitting the company's Powerrail 5 chip, for around £300.

The quad pipes you see in the picture are available with or without the chip, and if four is too many you can have two instead. Similarly the wheels, which at 20-inches might worry the owner with ride comfort in mind. Therefore, they can be had in more reasonable 18- or 19-inch girths.

To finish of the overhaul, about £600 will buy the body kit, including a new lower front section, side skirts and a rear bumper cut to accommodate those pipes.
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